Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miami Regional President for Association -$300k / year

The International Association of U.S. Government Contractors ( has an opening for a Regional President in Greater Miami.   As the Regional President in Greater Miami, you will be responsible for leading a team of 8 - 10 B2B Salespeople (Small Business Ambassadors or SBA) to meet or exceed Association goals for profitable revenue growth.

 Summary of what you will be doing:

  • Develop and implement weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual sales goals

  • Select, develop, and coach a professional the sales team to ensure Association monthly revenue goals are met in your assigned territory

  • Build an 8-10 member full time sales team that meets the monthly revenue goals

  • Implement the Association's sales process to establish a culture of consultative selling

  • Cultivate and maintain effective relationships with small business owners

  • Develop speaking engagements with strategic alliances such as  industry associations and chambers of commerce

  • Establish a planned program for sales coaching, working with SBA on all aspects of the sales process. Make coaching sales calls with SBAs to provide feedback, and to assist with the sale

  • Meet with clients to obtain referrals, testimonials, and further business

  • Conduct seminars and workshops ranging from 20 minutes to multiple days.

  • Create timely accurate reports and present to management on a daily basis

  • Seek continually ways to improve internal process and product offerings

This position is an excellent opportunity for energetic and results oriented individuals who are able to work autonomously,  adapt to new ideas quickly, have strong interpersonal and communication skills and are unafraid to take personal responsibility for project success.

 What’s in it for you?

  • $300,000+ first year compensation package with $500,000 compensation in year 2

  • Ground floor of marketing tidal wave to recession-proof business

  • Learn how to do business with the U.S. federal government (You will never have to look for a job again.  You will be in demand!)

  • Comprehensive training

  • Ideas will get listened to and implemented

 For more information go to

Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree.  Business administration with an emphasis in Marketing or equivalent desired but not required

  • Minimum 7 - 10 years sales management experience required.

  • Knowledge of social networking

  • Ability to use technology and analysis tools (Excel, Outlook, web, databases)

  • Requires consultative selling skills

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills

The International Association of U.S. Government Contractors ( is the premier organization dedicated to helping small companies obtain U.S. Federal Government contracts without bidding, red tape or needing expensive government consultants. (We don’t get involved with state, county or city government contracts.)

 The U. S. federal government is the largest customer in the world.   They literally buy everything except money.  The federal government has thousands of agencies (like the Post Office) and departments…each one needing everything normal businesses would need and then some.

 The federal government will spend over $500 billion this year on regular spending and another $787 billion on the stimulus package.  39% of all these billions are set aside for small businesses.  And every contract $150,000 or less is set aside for small businesses!  Yet small businesses only received 21% last year.  Why? We didn’t apply!  Only 2% of small businesses have even bothered to register to do business with the federal government.  Surprised?  They do not enjoy selling to the feds because of the four myths listed below:

  • Myth1: The federal government does not buy what I sell.

  • Myth2: The federal government may buy what I sell, but they’ll never buy it from a small company like mine.

  • Myth3:  It will take years and years and cost thousands to learn how to sell to the federal government.

  • Myth4:  There is too much red tape and they pay slowly.

 Expensive government consultants will have small businesses believe that they need to spend 2 ½ days of their lives and $12,000 just to get an overview of the federal market.  Then they charge $10,000+ per month to get companies federal business.  What small business can afford that?

 For the last five years, our Association has implemented a very different approach.  Our Vision is to see every small business enjoy 20% or more of their profits from the recession proof federal government and to win federal contracts themselves.  Instead of the expensive consultant business model, we take a coaching approach.  We believe it is far better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish.  We offer workshops, seminars and coaching to train small businesses to win federal government contracts.

With this in mind, we have created both a physical and a webinar-based 6 month training Program.  In our 6-month Program, small business owners learn EVERYTHING they need to win U.S. federal government contracts without bidding, brain-numbing red-tape or needing to hire expensive government consultants. Our fees are literally 3x less than the government consultants.

We are looking for a professional sales management executive who is passionate to help small businesses return their companies to greatness.

 To Apply, send your resume to

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